Buying VS Renting a Home

should you rent versus buy a home

Buying vs Renting

“Should I rent or should I buy a house?”

Answers to the question of Buying vs Renting.

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In order to help you make an informed decision that is appropriate for you personally, what we have done is to assemble a group of articles. These show both sides of the issue.

Why You Should Be Buying a Home NOW 
After a very short video, this article goes deeper into each of the benefits of homeownership.

Buying vs Renting: Should You Be a Homeowner?
Not everybody should own a home! Some people aren’t cut out for home ownership, for a variety of reasons.
This article really lays out the reasons that you are not ready to be a homeowner.
Are you one of those who should rent and not buy? Here are some ways to tell.
If these reasons apply to you, you should not be a homeowner, if they do not then strongly consider homeownership.

8 Signs You’re Ready to Buy Your First Home
This article starts from a positive point of view for home ownership,
but again remember if these reasons don’t apply to you then renting may be better.

Everyone should crunch the numbers to see if buying vs. renting is economically beneficial.
Click Here for a great buy vs rent financial calculator for you to use to determine your personal situation.