The best time of the year to sell my home?

I can tell you winter may actually be the best time to sell your home in Las Cruces.
Sometimes it really pays to go against the crowd.
Do you want to know why? Watch this short video

It is true that Spring is the season when most people put their homes on the market and summer is the high season for sales. There a couple of POWERFUL AND SURPRISING REASONS to consider for why the fall & winter season may be a better time to list and sell your home.

1. The homes that didn’t sell are now stale on the market
2. You get a your listing is posted as new on the market.
3. Home buyers in the fall are more serious they have looked at all
the spring and summer listings and didn’t find anything.
4. They are tired and now highly motivated to find what they want
and buy it.
5. Also winter buyers are generally they are life event buyers –

They are getting a job relocation;  baby has been born and they need a larger home and for lots of other reasons they are people who NEED to buy

Putting all this together an online survey of home sales in 19 different metro areas found that statistically homes newly listed in the “off season”

a. are 9%sell more likely to sell
b. they sell 1 week faster than the high season sales
c. And they command a higher price selling

We know that it is a slight inconvenience to get your home ready and to show your home during the holiday and winter season but your new listing becomes a must see for these motivated buyers. So if you were thinking about waiting for spring you should definitely consider advancing your plan and timeline to this current season – which is really a prime time in its own right.

Thanks for watching this video. This Ron Bruder and I am here to help you create a better life through real estate.

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