2018 Las Cruces Real Estate Market Analysis

The 2018 Las Cruces Real Estate Market was great!

Want to learn more about the 2018 Las Cruces Real Estate Market? See below for details on another record-breaking year, marking three years in a row!

 2018 las cruces real estate market• Home Sales have had a record-breaking year.

• Sales were higher month over month in 2018 than for all years since 2006.

• Inventory has dropped to an extremely low level with demand at its highest level.

• These factors have resulted in home prices increased significantly.

In 2017 the Median Price of all homes sold increased 6% over 2016, and in 2018.
Median home prices rose 6.9%. The overall increase in prices since the low point in 2012 is 25.14%.

 An important fact is that homeowners who have seen depreciation in their home’s value, or only very slight recovery in the equity that they have lost since 2008, they are now seeing a reversal of this situation, and with increasing home prices home and return of their home’s equity.

Potential Home Buyer should now have CONFIDENCE that homeownership has returned to becoming a sound investment, and an excellent source of wealth along with all the intrinsic benefits that go along with being a homeowner.

The Las Cruces Real Estate Market healthy and thriving and is expected to remain that way in 2019.
It should be a source of pride for our community.

I hope that you will take the time to evaluate the full “Analysis of  the 2018 Market
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