Local Gift Ideas that Scream Las Cruces


Las Cruces is filled with great local gift ideas for any occasion. Here are a few of our favorites.

local gift ideas, Las Cruces, NM Green Chile,for everything you need to know about green chile follow the Las Cruces Green Chile Trail!1. Green Chile
It’s addicting. If you have ever met someone who moved away from Las Cruces you know how addicting it is. “All I want is some chile,” a friend of ours recently told us. You can buy frozen chile at the store and ship it, or you can go to https://younggunsproduce.com and order it from there.

For everything you can possibly want to know about New Mexico Green Chile from how to grow it to where to eat it follow Follow the Las Cruces Green Chile Trail!

2. Salsa
Like Green Chile,  another local gift ideas is salsa. We know that salsa is addicting. And we’re pretty sure that Las Cruces has some of the best in town. We have a specific, locally made salsa suggestion for you:

Ol Gringo – You can order directly from them at http://www.olgringo.com/.

3. Wine
If your list includes someone who is a fan of sweet wine, you can’t go wrong with these local gift ideas: southern NM wine, especially Blue Teal http://www.blueteal.com/ and St. Clair http://www.stclairwinery.com/.

4. Stahmans Pecan Package
Stahmanns is a wold famous pecan growing estate. If you have ever driven down Highway 28, then you have driven through their trees. They also have a great gift shop down there filled with local gift ideas. If you’re looking for some yummy pecan treats visit their website: http://stahmannpecan.com/.

5. Aggie Basketball Tickets
Now this one may be a little out of left field, but Aggie Basketball is really fun and would be a nice surprise to anyone who lives in Las Cruces. By giving away tickets you are helping the team sell tickets and you are helping to fill seats. This year our team is competitive too.

What did we miss? Let us know your favorite local gift ideas.

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