A Night To Remember

Las Cruces Farmers Market

Las Cruces Farmers Market

Looking for that perfect date night? How about enjoying tasty eats and strolling through the Las Cruces Farmers’ and Crafts Market under the stars? The night Farmers’ Markets are back for the season and this is one lively event that you don’t want to miss!

“The daytime market is rather demure. It’s calm and pleasant, not too overt. But once a month, the streets lights come on, the vendors go up with all their lights, and a whole different atmosphere kicks in. It’s robust. It’s a party night; it’s a date night; it’s a real quality of life moment,” says Russ Smith, producer for the night markets.

While you might see a musician or two at the day market, expect a much livelier celebration at night. Past entertainment acts have included luchador wrestling, dance troupes, and theatre productions from Starlight Theatre Company of Las Cruces. “Fire dancers from Odd Lab have also been a staple for us,” Russ adds. “Especially at night, under the dark sky; they’re really something to see.”

Russ also says to expect a different crowd with a whole new energy that only seems to come out at night: “We tend to see a bunch of new faces coming out to take advantage of our wonderful evening weather and all the great food, crafts, entertainment, and people that Las Cruces has to offer. Conditions are pretty much perfect for a night out on the town.”

Entertainers, vendors, or anyone who would like more information on the evening markets can contact Russ Smith at
575-640-8283 or by email at russhbs@yahoo.com.

Farmers Market

When are they?

Evening markets will be held on Downtown Main Street the second Wednesday of each month from May through September, with a final special event at the end of October. Hours change as the weather gets warmer, so check out this schedule to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

August 9
6pm to 10pm

September 13
5pm to 9pm

October 25
5pm to 9pm



Courtesy of Las Cruces Magazine