7 Reasons Why A New Home Can Be Better Than An Established Property

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Today we are going to discuss
7 Reasons Why A New Home Can Be Better Than An Established Property.
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About 2/3 of the homes sold in Las Cruces are Resale Homes with the rest being new homes in new subdivisions. At the current time we have a very limited inventory of Resale Homes available and as you have noticed that new construction is booming in almost every area around the community. In view of this, The Bruder Real Estate Team feels that it is important that you understand the benefits of buying a new home versus a resale. Prospective home buyers often wonder whether a new or existing home will best suit their needs. New homes are often in good supply and have plenty to offer.

It is important to note that this Blog does not discuss the advantages of buying a resale home, the disadvantages of buying a new construction home, nor the importance of having a REALTOR represent you even in a new home purchase rather than the builder’s representative.. Links to these topics are presented for you at the end of this Blog.

Prospective home buyers often wonder whether a new or existing home will best suit their needs. New homes are often in good supply and have plenty to offer, and as we have said including the following describes the top 7 benefits:

#1. Floor plans suited for today’s lifestyles
modern living room floor planHomes are often bigger now than in the past for younger families to move into, but builders have a variety of products for those who are downsizing. So, there a size to fit all needs. The floor plan in new homes is very likely to be open, with one room flowing into another. Rooms are designed for families to enjoy together. Kitchens in particular are often larger, with an eat-in area included since guests tend to congregate there. New homes usually have more storage, including larger closets, and a media room or other custom use rooms can be included. They may have a double or even triple-car garages.


#2 Modern features and decor

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New homes can offer modern features that already-existing homes often lack. A new home’s kitchen is more likely to have features such as top-of-the-line appliances, a kitchen island and granite or quartz counter tops. Buyers are also more likely to get hardwood floors and modern lighting such as skylights. The main bedroom may be more luxurious, and the bathroom may come equipped with amenities like a whirlpool tub or fireplace. It also may have appealing architectural features such as tray ceilings and crown molding. It probably has higher ceilings than an already-existing home.


# 3 Better primed for technology
New homes also can reflect our modern, plugged-in lifestyles. Many come with a bonus room that can be used as a home office, and some also have technologically advanced features such as walls that are pre-wired for flat-screen TVs and other entertainment. They may also be pre-wired for security systems.Today’s homes even have more outlets than those constructed in the past. This may seem like a small detail until buyers are faced with the problem of not having enough outlets where they need them.

#4 Safer, more energy-efficient products
Homes built today are constructed to meet today’s more stringent building codes. Materials used are often safer than those used in the past. Homeowners won’t run the risk of encountering costly problems like lead paint and asbestos that could cause serious health problems.Today’s new homes are also required to meet tough new code standards for energy efficiency. Almost every part of a new home represents an improvement in this area. New homes are 30 percent more energy efficient than existing homes, according to the Department of Energy and the U.S. Census. Some have also earned the Energy Star certification, meeting standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.In addition, homes have better air quality than ever before, thanks to better ventilation and products.

#5 New subdivisions with appealing amenities
picture of homes in new subdivisionNew homes are often located in new subdivisions. Many of these have covenants and Homeowners Associations that help protect buyers’ investments. Often, residents will have the benefit of amenities such as a community pool, clubhouse, gym, jogging trail, playground, tennis courts, or other facilities. These features can add greatly to enjoyment of a home and subdivision, and they can give residents invaluable opportunities to socialize and get to know their neighbors. When there are several new neighbors moving in, it can be easier to get to know everyone. For the one family moving into an already-established neighborhood, it may be more difficult to get to know the neighbors.


#6 No maintenance worries
New homes have the advantage of fewer maintenance issues. Over time, even the most well maintained home will develop problems that need to be addressed. These can be costly in terms of money as well as time.With a new home, owners are likely to be free of major repairs for at least the first few years. This can alleviate a lot of costly headaches that can go along with plumbing, roofing, heating and cooling, and appliance issues that can plague older homes. And many times, a warranty will be included in the cost of a new home, so if something does go wrong, the builder will fix or replace it at no cost to the buyer.

#7 Customization may be possible
picture of customized kitchen and dining roomIn some cases, a home buyer may be able to customize all or some of his or her new home. Particularly for empty nesters, this may be their chance to finally get exactly the home they want. Buyers can sometimes choose their lot, floor plan, and other details such as flooring and paint colors. In any case, they won’t have to deal with out-of-date décor, appliances, and other things that they can’t wait to change.Buyers won’t have to compromise and live with features that they just don’t like – they can put their personal stamp on their new home from the very beginning, inside and out.


Now that we have given some of the benefits of buying a new home, there are some things you should know and look out for:

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