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8- Step Home Seller Listing Plan

his is our 8- Step Home Seller Listing Plan

This makes it possible for the Bruder Real Estate Team will sell your Las Cruces Home for the highest possible Current Fair Market Price, with the Best Terms that can be negotiated, in the most Expedient Manner, and with the Least Amount of Hassle to you.

This Listing Plan covers all the essential Activities that we will take to Sell Your Home
We present our Listing Plan in writing so that you can hold us accountable.

Please scroll down to see the details of each step and the entire plan.

Step 1: Initial Consultation – Pre-Listing Activities

Selling a home is a complex process, but a major benefit of Listing with the Evelyn Bruder Team is that you will never be alone. You will have access to our Team at all times, and we will provide you with Reference Materials and Seller Resources to assist you in understanding all of the subjects we cover in this comprehensive Listing Plan.

Step 2: Pricing your home for sale is a critical part of our 8- Step Home Seller Listing Plan

Step 3: Prepare your home for buyers – The Staging Process

This is so important that we will provide you with 2-comprehensive references to assist in the process:
“450 Ways to prepare home to sell quickly” & “Preparing your home for sale”

* The inspection and staging don’t need to be excessively expensive, and the homeowner can do everything that is needed all by themselves.

Step 4: Selling Strategy – Marketing

We go way beyond what most brokers do to market your home:

Step 5: Showings

Now that we have done everything from pricing right, to repairs, to staging, and aggressively marketing, it is time to bring in the buyers.

Step 6: Communication: From the Pre-Listing Steps All the Way Through Closing

Step 7: Offers / Contracts

Whenever there are offers to purchase your property, we will provide counsel regarding the offer.

We evaluate the qualification of the buyer, and the terms and conditions in the offer. We will provide you with an updated Market Analysis.

Act as a trusted advisor working to insure that the final contract contains the best possible price and terms.

Step 8: Transaction management and closing

Another benefit of the Evelyn Bruder Team is that we have our own dedicated transaction managers.

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