Are You Ready to be a Las Cruces Home Buyer?

Buying a home can be really scary, you want to make the best decision, you want to make sure the commitment you make is a smart one.

We believe that right now is a great time to buy a home vs. continuing to rent, but not everybody should own a home! Some people aren’t cut out for home ownership, for a variety of reasons. Take your time look at each of these 3 sections before proceeding with the home buying process.


You need to take a hard and realistic look at your personal financial status to determine whether you can and should make the long term commitment of being a homeowner. Can you meet the immediate upfront costs involved in the home purchase process and on-going daily expenses that come along with owning and living in your own home?

We offer a detailed article that will answer the question:
Can you afford to be a Homeowner?


The benefits of homeownership range from social and lifestyle benefits
to significant financial benefits. No other place can you leverage a small initial cash investment (down payment) in low risk investment and ultimately realize appreciation, equity creation, savings and great tax benefits.

The cons or disadvantages of homeownership are the challenges of needing to be able to handle upfront and ongoing costs, being responsible for all the repairs and maintenance of your property, and the risk of fluctuating property values. You need to be able to withstand the strain that Homeownership can put on your financial situation.

See our detailed article that covers all the Pros and Cons of Home Ownership.


Not everybody should own a home! Some people aren’t cut out for home ownership, for a variety of reasons. Are you one of those who should rent and not buy? Just think about your credit and debt status, your job and income stability, and the maintenance issues that you will have to deal with. Most importantly, you need to calculate whether renting is significantly cheaper than all of the costs incurred by homeowners.

See a full discussion of this Rent vs. Buy information and use our Rent vs Buy Calculator.