10 Dangerous Mistakes for Homebuyers to Avoid

Top 10 home buyer mistakes- image of woman regretting purchase

Whether this is your first home or your 5th, you are a home buyer, and the rule “Buyer Beware” applies to you. Mistakes for homebuyers to avoid is not always intuitive.The Bruder Real Estate Team has literally worked with hundreds of buyers in Las Cruces. When buyers make mistakes in the process it costs time […]

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How to price your home to sell

The Ins and Outs of How Home Pricing Strategies Everything has value. This is especially true for your home. When it comes to real estate, how to price your home to sell is one of the most important strategies. You made memories at your home. You’ve got a major financial interest in your place, too. […]

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Spring Tips Before Listing Your Home

title image spring cleaning tips

Spring is here! These are some spring tips before listing your home to consider. If you are planning to put your home on the market during this spring season, then we’ve got exactly what you need to prepare and, as a bonus, most of these real estate selling tips come budget-friendly! Let the spring cleaning […]

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4870 Quail Run Avenue

4870 Quail Run Avenue | Video Walkthrough 4870 Quail Run Avenue | Spectacular SW home 3529SF on 1.04 Ac. This home has it all! Click for Video Walkthrough And Let’s start the tour to see it all. After you have watched the video get the full MLS Data Sheet and all the pictures by clicking […]

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If you want to sell your home…don’t do any of these dumb things

10 Dumb Ways You Are Destroying the Value of Your Home Homeowners can end up destroying their home value without realizing it. They often do some really dumb things around the house and spend too much money on ornate decor and renovations that don’t, in fact, increase your sale value. Your house is probably your […]

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Market Snapshot is the most remarkable real estate report tool available online With this advanced real estate report tool, you will get the answer to all YOUR Real Estate questions. You get the information that meets your SPECIFIC home buying and home selling wants and needs. Market Snapshot provides the market insights you need to […]

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