Boomers Love Las Cruces

Over the years we have grown accustomed to seeing Las Cruces, NM listed among the TOP PLACES TO RETIRE.

Just as the Baby Boom generation changed American culture in the post-World War II era, the first wave of Boomers reaching retirement age are changing how and where Americans spend their post-career years.

Today, it’s a common perception that when Americans reach retirement age, they move to warmer, more senior-friendly environments far from the hustle and bustle of cities.

In 2000, 41.5 million aged 60+ remained in the same house or county, and the report identified this group as “residentially stable”. Less than 10 percent of the population (referred to as “residentially mobile”) moved across state or county borders.

But with the Boomer generation now retiring this trend is changing dramatically.

Unlike their parents and the generations before them, Boomers are increasingly willing to relocate upon retirement, and their choices of locations are becoming more active and youthful.

 The later in the 20th century that a member of the population is born, the more likely they are to move their primary residence in retirement.

Not only are Boomers more likely to relocate, but their choices of relocation destinations are changing as well, shifting the paradigm for aging in America.

For younger Boomers who may still be part of the work force, the retirement migration also has the potential fuel economic growth in jobs and spending patterns..

Retirement is now seemingly becoming the ‘cool’ thing to do, as many Baby Boomers are embracing more active lifestyles, seeking more ‘trendy’ destinations and bucking the trend established by their predecessors. In short, Boomers are redefining the idea of how Americans spend their retirement years.

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