Listing Plan for Sellers

If you want to sell your home…don’t do any of these dumb things

10 Dumb Ways You Are Destroying the Value of Your Home Homeowners can end up destroying their home value without realizing it. They often do some really dumb things around the house and spend too much money on ornate decor and renovations that don’t, in fact, increase your sale value. Your house is probably your […]

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You will be surprised at what your home is worth in today’s Las Cruces Real Estate Market. Complete the short form to below, and within 48 hours The Bruder Real Estate Team will email you a Comprehensive Market Valuation for your home. It is free, there is no obligation, and no agent will hassle you!

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7 most important repairs
to make before selling your home

Curious to know what important repairs to make before selling your home? Your home must be in tip-top shape — but you don’t want to overspend on home improvements.  The key is to focus on the most important repairs to make before selling a house to ensure every dollar you spend supports a higher asking price. […]

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6 Tips Before Selling Your Home

1.- Meet with your Agent Your agent can save you a lot of time and energy by guiding you through the pre-listing phase. They are there to serve you and help you decide if listing your home is the right option. 2.- Pre- Qualify to Buy Get pre-qualified to buy your next home before putting […]

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The best time of the year to sell my home?

I can tell you winter may actually be the best time to sell your home in Las Cruces. Sometimes it really pays to go against the crowd. Do you want to know why? Watch this short video It is true that Spring is the season when most people put their homes on the market and […]

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Why and How We Will Sell Your Home

we will sell your las cruces home

  Do you want to know why and how we will sell your home? The answer is simple We will sell your home because we employ unique strategies, and we provide an unmatched combination of services. Please watch the short video below to learn the details of what we do and how we will sell […]

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Why Sellers Choose Us To Get Their Home Sold

Do you want to know why Sellers Choose Us To Get Their Home Sold? Our team will get your home sold fast and for the best price possible. We have a track record that proves we will get your Las Cruces home sold! Simply, we employ a Unique Strategy and Provide an Unmatched Combination of Services. Please […]

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Want to sell your home?
You MUST Do These 4 Things

If you want your home sold or if you tried to sell your home and it didn’t sell, WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? There are 4- things you must do! PRICING is the single biggest factor that will determine whether your home SELLS It is a SELLER’S MARKET. If you are even considering selling your home […]

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