Contract To Closing – Transaction Management

Contract to Closing- Homes for sale in Las Cruces

Our Transaction Management Service assures you that from contract to closing everything proceeds smoothly

Why do I need a Realtor who can provide this service?

Some of the biggest hurdles in the purchase of your home occur between the signing of a contract and getting to the closing table. Look below at what must happen, and happen on time, to complete the purchase of your home.  Without a diligent coordinator facilitating the completion of the requirements in the Contract to Purchase there would be no closing of this transaction.

  • A series of inspections must be scheduled, and any problems that are identified and require repair can begin the contract negotiation all over again. Not only who will pay for these, but there needs to be acceptance of the completion by both parties.
  • Everything must be in writing – a file must be created and someone needs to see that all the requirements of the Contract to Purchase are not only completed, but are done in the specified timeframe. This includes:
  • All the inspection reports, specified repairs.
  • The Appraisal.
  • The Survey.
  • Any contingencies that are included in the Contract all have to be removed by written consent of both buyer and seller.
  • The financing process has been completed.
  • The walk thru inspection before closing meets with your approval.
  • All the paperwork is coordinated with the title company and lender.
  • Closing scheduled and all parties notified and present.

Assisting with getting home insurance, turning on utilities, or handling something unpredictable, are all part of the service and commitment we provide.

 We are there with you every step of the way until your closing is complete, and you’ve moved into your new home.