Day Trips: Roswell UFO Museum

Living in Las Cruces sure has it’s perks one of them is location location location!   We are just a short drive away from some really neat and unique day trip destinations.  For the next few Lifestyle blogs I want to explore some of these great things to do. We start our series by highlighting the Roswell UFO Museum.

Take a drive to Roswell, NM and enter the world of the unexplained at the Roswell UFO Museum

Day trips from Las Cruces, Roswell, NM, Roswell UFO MuseumOpen since 1992 the Roswell UFO Museum has attracted everyone from the curious to the silly to serious researchers. The Museum provides information to the general public on all aspects of the UFO phenomena. People from around the world travel to Roswell to see what the Museum has to offer and to simply “be in Roswell where it happened.”

Museum exhibits include information on the Roswell Incident, crop circles, UFO sightings, Area 51, ancient astronauts and abductions. The exhibits are designed not to convince anyone to believe one way or another about their subjects. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions. Many visitors come numerous times and some spend days or even weeks doing research in the library.While in Roswell, most visitors at least buy gas and a soda, or they may spend a week learning about the phenomena and Roswell.

Since its opening, the Roswell UFO Museum has outgrown two downtown locations, finally landing in the old Plains Theater on North Main Street in Roswell. The number of visitors continues to be the envy of many other tourist attractions in the state.  Not only is there the museum that you can visit year round but every year in the first week of July the annual UFO Festival is held.  It is a Festival for the curious and has been a very successful event.  Activities range from carnivals to trade shows, from alien costume contests to UFO lectures, from Fourth of July fireworks to a parade downtown, from Hollywood celebrities to local children in costume and on roller blades. Known UFO researchers attend to present the most up-to-date information on the subject.

If you are looking for a truely unique experience, if you are a believer or not, this museum is sure to please.  For more information on the Museum you can find them at http://www.roswellufomuseum.com

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