Finding Your Dream Home

dream home in las cruces

Find your dream home

Find your Dream Home

There’s no shortage of housing options available for you. Our goal is finding the home which best meets your wants and needs. We want to end up with you saying, “This is the one.”

1.) We must be organized, and have a plan to follow to achieve our goal.

As your Buyer Agent Realtor, we start will encourage you to start with the end in mind. You need to define in writing what you want, and what you need, in your Dream Home.

We will provide you with a “Home Hunter Worksheet” to accomplish this. You should not begin looking for a home until you complete this step!

Being pre-qualified, you have a very good idea of price of the home you can afford. By making this the limiting factor for your search, you will avoid un-necessary work and disappointment.

2.) Since you are reading this, we know that you are an “Internet Empowered Consumer.”

We love an informed consumer, and we believe that we are partners in the search for your dream home. Use of our VIP Access Pass will allow you to do an advanced search of the Las Cruces MLS Database. Using the additional Home Tracker tools which we provide, you will be able save homes you are interested in, compare those homes side-by-side, and rate each home.

3.) Simultaneously, we will be using your “Worksheet” criteria and our specialized computers to continuously search the Las Cruces MLS for homes that meet your criteria.

You will  know about new listings before anyone else. We will update you by e-mail with details, pictures, and virtual tours of these homes.

During the time we are both searching, your Buyer Agent will remain in communication with you according to a schedule you set, but we want you to know that you can contact us at any time. As you continue to receive home listings, you may find that they are not exactly what you are looking for.

4) Now it should be time to start to look at homes.

This may be an ongoing process, but your Buyer’s Agent is available at your convenience to show you all homes you decide that you want to see, and to answer any questions you may have.

How do you know if a house is “THE” one? Probably the best approach is to look at as many homes as possible. Some of these you will reject after seeing them, while others will be “possible.” You will find that your Home Hunter Worksheet with wants and needs will also function as a journal of pluses and minuses for the contenders.

You will find that no home is absolutely perfect. Now you need to realistically look at those initial wants and needs and decide what trade-offs you are willing you make to narrow your home selection to just the best few.

Your Agent will be helpful in making the decision based on knowledge about each home, and the specific advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a particular home. Which is a better value? Which will give you the best home for the price and terms?


By the end of this meeting you should have made a final selection, and be ready for the next step which is for you and your Buyer’s Agent to make an The Offer to Purchase that Dream Home.