Step by Step Guide To Selling your Home

guide to selling your home

Selling your home is a complex process.
It’s easy to make costly mistakes

You need an expert guide to be sure that you don’t make any costly mistakes along the way.

This article is just an introduction
to the steps you must take to sell your home
for the highest possible price in the shortest time. 

At the bottom of the page you can download your free e-book:
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which contains a comprehensive discussion of each step.

You need to know how to do all these steps perfectly. It often takes a professional REALTOR with the knowledge, experience, and credentials to be your trusted advisor to accomplish this. It is much easier, and less stressful if you have the assistance of someone who will help you to develop a personalized program to guide you through the complex home selling process.

Guide to Selling Your Home further explained below:

  • Meet with your agent:
  • Prepare and sign a listing contract
  • Determine your wants and needs in this sale
  • Determine an asking price
  • Professional Photography and a customized plan for the marketing of your home
  • Review all financing options, including seller financing
  • Discuss repairs or improvements that will increase the marketability of your home
  • Notifying all of the Multiple List Service Agents as to the features and price of your home and encourage them to show your home.
  • Arrange for the showing of your home only to qualified buyers
  • Aid you in the evaluation and consideration of ALL purchase offers, and negotiate purchase contracts on your behalf
  • Be sure buyer is qualified and has financial ability to purchase your home
  • Finalize the sales contract
  • Transaction Coordination to confirm that all contingencies and requirements of the contract are completed
  • Have all necessary inspections made
  • Go to closing

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