sell your home in less than a week
Wondering how to sell your home in less than a week? Is it really possible? From decluttering to staging to small home repairs, check out this list of 5 proven methods on how to sell your home quickly. 
people staging by packing up to de-clutter and de-personalizeIf you are looking to sell your home quickly, our number one recommendation is to pack up two-thirds of your things. It sounds like a lot – but you will be packing up anyway, and I assure you that your home will sell more quickly. You need to make your home look more spacious. A great way to do this is to de-personalize and to properly stage it with a more neutral appeal.

Work on the walls and shelves but leave a few here and there to stage it. Remove the personal photos.

Next, remove clunky furniture – extra chairs in the corners, extra dressers in the bedroom, and any other kind of filler furniture. The rooms looked more spacious, less “lived in,” and people could walk around more easily. Emptying out some of the superfluous furniture definitely helps sell your home quickly.

Start packing up dishes, Knick knacks, extra kitchen gadgets, and smaller picture frames. Your cabinets and bookshelves should not to look stuffed. When people look at houses, they open cabinets, closets – pack most of the things and organize the rest. It all needed to look organized and roomy. Packing can seem like a lot of work, but it’s work you have to do anyway. So packing ahead of time gives you a jump start on the work you would have had after you sold your house.

Make manageable aesthetic updates that are budget-friendly renovations. You don’t have to be a DIYer to make upgrades. Fixing little things here and there definitely will help you sell your home quickly. Here are some simple items to consider without overhauling a new bathroom, or renovating an entire kitchen. 


Replace things around that looked dated can help sell your home quickly. For example, replace old rusty air vents that were very visible. Also, replace beat-up switch covers for shiny new ones. Purchase some items to make your home look more modern, for example, new light fixtures, a new kitchen table that works with the space, or old rugs that are worn and dingy. 

Repaint some areas. If your kitchen and other rooms are bright blue, green, pink, etc. do them over in neutral colors. There is a method for selecting the best house paint colors for property sale. remodeling tips for selling a home quickly

Small things make a big difference. So, take a look around your home and see what simple changes you are comfortable making in order to sell your home quickly.

Prospective buyers have troubling imagining themselves living in a home that needs work, so we wanted to make it look as perfect as possible. Your whole house or individual areas may need a fresh coat of paint.

Check your flooring make sure it is in great condition to do what is necessary to make it perfect even if you need to get a new carpet. For bare areas, a colorful area carpet and brightly colored pillows are a great way to stage any room, as you can bring in new colors or accentuate the colors you have.

Taking pictures off the wall may leave lots of nail holes. Fill the holes and then paint.  Important, but often overlooked is fixing up old grout in the bathroom that wasn’t visually pleasing. I’m sure you can find lots more of these simple things to do that will definitely make your home look really great and well cared for.

staging tips for selling your home quicklyAs your updates are nearing completion, start to stage your home in order to sell the house quickly. This is a very important step in the whole process of selling your home. You want the prospective home buyers to feel like they could live in your space.

In order to make your home shine, you wanted to let as much natural light in as possible. Check all your window coverings to be sure they are letting a lot of light in.  Be sure to add brighter bulbs all over the house.

ARRANGING & REARRANGINGhow to sell your home in less than a week Part of staging your home is arranging furniture. Rearrange your living room and bedroom to allow easy flow of people. When selling your home, you don’t want prospective home buyers to feel cornered or stuck or trip on a piece of furniture. You want your living areas to feel open.
Add a few plants to windowsills and strategically around the house. Beautiful greens definitely add a lot to a home.
Go through every room and arrange all of your shelves neatly.

Remember, in selling your home the outside is important to stage too. Put down fresh mulch in the backyard and clean up the flower beds. Add more plants and flowers as needed.
Set up chairs and tables on your deck, patios, courtyard, and porch to look inviting. In the front yard, consider new solar garden lights for nighttime showings. Landscaping makes the first and most lasting impression so spend some time and effort out front.

Sorry but you need to hide all evidence of your dog or cat or any other pets – everything! You want to make a good first impression on prospective buyers. You must remove any pet odor, stains or damage. Bring in someone else to check for odors. You may need to replace the carpet or have to paint, but buyers are immediately turned off by pet odors and remember some may be allergic. This is important. You may lose a potential sale right at the front door.

sell your home in a weekTo sell your home quickly, make everything sparkle. It should look like a new home builder’s model home. You may need to bring in a professional service to deep clean the entire home. It will be money well spent.  The windows and screens are often overlooked and sometimes need to be replaced if not perfect. Furniture, counters, and bathrooms need to be shiny and fresh. Again any defects or signs of wear need to be repaired or replaced.



how to sell your home fastIn real estate, as in life – not all things are created equal. A realtor is a professional just like your Physician, or Attorney. It is Credentials, Experience, and References that make the difference. It is critical that you hire the best.

Your realtor is your advocate, providing advice, assistance, and counsel about not only the items listed above but also throughout every step in the home selling process.

You are looking for a Realtor who has advanced training, knowledge, and credentials and most of all client testimonials verifying their services. In addition, they should have up to date knowledge of the Las Cruces Real Estate Market, experience in serving the special needs of seller-clients and be able to help you make informed decisions.

A great realtor will help you set the right price for your house in order to sell your home quickly. Pricing makes all the difference in getting showings and thus sales. You need to come up with a price that we were comfortable with from the start. You are not going to underprice your home, but for sure don’t overprice your home. If a house is overpriced (even with the intent to drop it later), it will deter buyers from even considering it.

As a final piece of advice when selling your home, you just have to believe that your hard work will pay off. There are so many houses on the market that are cluttered, in need of upgrades, and not easy to show. These tips will set you up for success, helping you to sell your home ASAP. Make sure to follow all of the above tips of what you should do to get your house ready to sell. By following these steps, you can easily set your home apart and this is how to sell your home quickly.