Jill & Lisa

Jill & Lisa

Jill and Lisa are our transaction managers. They have spent their entire Real Estate careers with Steinborn and Associates Realtors, and have served hundreds of Buyers and Sellers during their long careers.

For years they have dedicated their efforts to provide Transaction Managemtent Services. Once the purchase contract is accepted by both the buyer and the seller, they will help guide the parties through the portion of the home buying process known as Transaction Management.

The Buyer or Seller that they represent is usually unaware of what is happening during this part of the process because much of it occurs behind the scenes. The Transaction Managers handle all of the critical documents that make up your Real Estate Transactions. They make sure all the correct documents have been created and signed, they must then review carefully all of the terms of the contract.

Transaction Management Process

They are unsung heros when you consider that the contract terms and contingencies that they have to deal with between the contract and the closing include multiple types of inspections,appraisals, surveys, insure that the title company’s paperwork is ready, and be sure that insurance, warranties, financing are all in place. If the contract is contingent upon any of these such as repairs, and financing, they must be agreed upon and the contingency removed. Throughout the contract each term and contingency has a time constraint. They must be diligent to be sure these are all fullfilled according to the schedule set forth in the contract. Any mistakes at this stage can result in default, or a closing that just doesn”t happen. They will review the HUD1 (the accounting of all the credits and debits due to each party), and then follow up with all the parties including the lender. Everyone must arrive at closing with the right amount of money.

They are available at all times to both our Team of REALTORs, as well as the Buyers and Sellers they represent to answer any questions about the process, and to reassure all the parties there will be no problems once they get to closing.