Las Cruces Public Schools

The Mission: The Las Cruces Public Schools, in partnership with students, families, and the community, provide a student-centered learning environment that cultivates character, fosters academic excellence, and embraces diversity.

Computer Technology, Athletics, the Arts, Food Services and Health Services are available in every school. The schools themselves, and many of these programs have been the recipient of honors and awards.

The Las Cruces Public Schools has an excellent Website which I highly recommend visiting: http://www.lcps.k12.nm.us/. You will find virtually everything you want to know about the Las Cruces Public Schools on this extensive and well organized site. In

Since you may be unfamiliar with the school in your new home’s school district, there is a superb mapping function with the location of all schools and school districts by grade levels at: http://www.lcps.k12.nm.us/maps/locator.shtml

Rather than list every school with its address, phone number, the “schools” navigation button on the site will take you to: http://lcps.k12.nm.us/Schools/SchoolInfo.asp  This link lists all the details you need to evaluate every school. You will get basic information and then a link to the website for each school.

A highlight of the School System are the district’s specialty schools . I think you will be impressed with these specialty programs which includes the Mesilla Valley Training Center (MVTC) and Magnet Schools.  Each Magnet program concentrates on a specific area of study and is designed to draw students to that school. Enrollment in each program is limited and, students are chosen from the pool of applicants for each school’s program.

The 11 current magnet programs are:

  • Lynn Middle School

    • Engineering, Multimedia Productions, and Visual Arts at
  • Pichacho Middle School

    • at Picacho Middle School
  • Sierra Middle School
    • Sierra Middle School
  • Vista Middle School

    • Music  and Technology and Sciences
  • White Sands Middle School

    • Aerospace Academy at White Sands Middle School