SIX things you should always negotiate when purchasing a home.
We aren’t kidding when we say you can negotiate anything as a buyer.

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everything is negotiable when buying a home

FIRST negotiate for all or a percentage of closing costs to be paid.


You can successfully negotiate closing costs!
Closing costs may be paid by the seller or the buyer. With aggressive negotiation you might be able to have the sellers pick up some or all of the closing costs.


#2. You want the seller to pay for a home warranty for the first year.

get a home waranteeThe homeowner’s warranty covers the repair of key items like heating and air systems, plumbing or appliances. The seller pays the premium at closing, usually around $450-600, and then you are responsible for only the deductible with any claim made.”



# 3 Despite getting a home warranty be sure to

home inspection
You should insist on the seller repairing anything that is found by the inspector. Who is responsible for repair of these inspection problems is negotiable between buyer and seller. Even though you want everything repaired, be prepared to negotiate. Your purchase contract should have a contingency clause that says If the negotiation is not satisfactory to the buyer the purchase can be terminated.

4. Flexibility on closing or possession dates is also negotiable.

If you need a quicker closing or a delayed closing. Your desire in setting a closing date depends on your situation: you might be waiting on another house to close, trying to hire movers or finishing up a prior lease. Most buyers assume it’s their problem to figure out but negotiating flexibility regarding closing or possession dates is actually pretty standard.

5. Believe it or not you can negotiate for cosmetic updates, furnishings and household items.

You REALLY CAN negotiate anything like: • furniture • Re-grouting sinks and showers, • minor landscaping, • appliances • lawn care items.

6. House price
Negotiating down the listed price of a house is fairly typical.

negotiate home price
But, there are still some hidden tips and tricks for making it work in your favor. You can ask for a lower price based on factors you and your agent have researched like comparable property prices, neighborhood status, this home’s condition and overall market conditions.

negotiate home loan price and terms


Just be aware that like the price of the home your home loan is a commodity like a car. You should have already shopped, compared various lenders and loan options for the best product, costs, interest rate and terms.




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