Premier Service


Premier Service is more than a slogan – it is our commitment to you!


As a team of Premier Service Agents, we personally commit ourselves to provide you with quality, customized service that will exceed your expectations.


    • We promise to keep in touch with you, and deliver the level of service you want.


    • We pledge to give you access to special programs and services that can deliver value and relieve the stress of buying a home.


    • You may contact us at any time for additional information or with questions or concerns.


  • We commit to you that we will always endeavor to deliver the caring customer service that you deserve.

As Premier Service Agent, you can count on us to be:


YOUR TRUSTED ADVISORS! YOU can be secure in the fact that we will act in YOUR best interest, and use our specialized knowledge and training to assist you throughout the complex process of home buying. I will listen to your goals, and recommend the right resources to help you reach them.

SKILLED NEGOTIATORS! We will effectively manage the buying process and work to insure that YOU WILL achieve your goals. With our knowledge and experience, once you find the home you want to buy, we negotiate the best possible price, with the most favorable terms.

EXPERT FACILITATORS! We have 2 full-time dedicated Transaction Coordinators that enable us to assure you that YOUR transaction will proceed smoothly, with no loose ends, and result in a successful closing.

Anybody can promise you a generalized commitment. The difference is we work directly with you to create a written Quality Service Guarantee. This is a customized and detailed analysis of your wants and needs, the process of home buying, and the steps we, together, agree to take to complete the home buying process to your satisfaction.

Click Here to view a sample of our Quality Service Guarantee.
If at any time you feel that we have not lived up to the terms that we have agreed upon, we provide an Unconditional Cancellation Guarantee.

We believe that our Premier Service will result in a successful hassle-free home buying experience. We are so confident that we will exceed your expectations that at the end of the home buying process, you will receive an anonymous survey in which you can rate our services. Based on previous results of this questionnaire, we have a proven track record of well over 90% buyer satisfaction. We will make available the results of previous surveys at your request.