Real Estate Experience

Experience in Real Estate Market Sales
Assisting Buyers and Sellers Realize Their Goals
EvelynBruder & The Evelyn Bruder Team

* 25 years of full time Real Estate practice has resulted in a very strong local reputation

* The area’s most successful team of REALTORS in terms of knowledge, and skills.
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* Dominant Internet presence and both e-pro and Cyberstar Designations, and proudly considered to be the most modern, technologically advanced Real Estate Provider in the area.

* Customer based Premier Service philosophy guaranteed in writing.

* We match more Buyers with homes, and we sell more of our client’s homes than any other Individual or Team in the area. We are the #1 top producing REALTORS in the area! These files show our recorded transactions from 2005 through 2009.

  • Total Sales and Dollar Volume Transaction Sheet.

In good years, and during the times the Market has been slow, Evelyn and the Team have represented between 5 to 6% of the total Homes transactions in an area with 600 Active Agents. Our sales prices range from 8 to 25% higher than the Homes average sales price. That is why we are #1 in Las Cruces!