The problems with your house
that No one wants to tell you about.

If you have your house listed and you just aren’t having anyone make an offer,
there may be problems that No one wants to tell you about.

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“10 Uncomfortable Problems No One Wants To Tell You About.”

The problems with your house that No one wants to tell you about.

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    The #1 problem is: Your house smells bad

your house smells badEveryone’s house has a unique smell.
That’s okay, But the problem is when the smell is overwhelming or bad.
For the most part, you just need to identify what odors are present and take whatever steps necessary to eliminate that odor before you list your house for sale.



#2. Your pets have ruined things
your pet has caused damageEveryone loves their pets But people don’t want to see the mess, hair, scratches and especially odors from your pets.
The most common things are quick fixes just clean up & repair any pet damage
Getting rid of Odors may take special treatments.



#3. Your clutter stresses people out

clutter and declutter imageEveryone knows how it feels to be overwhelmed by clutter. When it’s too much to deal with you just want to get away from it.

Here are the basics of what to do:

1. Remove personal touches. Buyers want to picture themselves in your home. Remove family photos, memorabilia and collections.
2. De-clutter. Completely clean and clear counters and sinks and cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen first. Then continue room by room throughout the house. End up with clear clean open spaces.
3. Organize your cabinets and closets. In closets everything hung, or on shelves, in drawers and for sure off the floor.

#4. No-one wants to imagine you using the bathroom.
Imagine your bathrooms like a hotel bathroom
My best advice here is to strip the bathroom down to ‘no signs of life’. No toilet brushes, personal care items, magazines, toothbrushes, or used towels.
just keep a small basket or box with personal items in and put it under the sink.
The bottom line: get it really clean and leave out just a few styled decorations on the counters.


#5. Closets are subconscious clues to buyers
about how the homeowners take care of the home.


Messy closets make people feel overwhelmed
What you want them to see is a closet that can hold their clothes beautifully. That’s all you want them to think about.



#6. Your messy yard makes people think you don’t take care of your house
a messy yard is a bad first impressionA messy yard front or back, says to potential buyers that you don’t really take care of your house.
You have created an instant bad impression which you can easily avoid by just tidying up and doing some minimal landscaping.



#7. The kid’s toys  being all over makes people want to tidy your house up
kids toys creating a mess

The simplest thing to do is to just pre-pack some things for your move, and then work on an easy storage plan for quickly picking up the stuff.
it’s worth your time to reduce the amount of kids’ toys and clutter you have out and visible when your house is listed.



#8. All people really want is a clean slate

clean uncluttered floor, closets, counters, open flowing room


If your goal is to have people come to your home, feel great while they are there, fall in love with the idea of living there themselves and, ultimately, make an offer to purchase your home, then these thinks that we have talked about is really how to play the game.


#9. & #10.My message to you

At the end of the day, selling a house is a highly competitive.
It is really a psychological game between you and the buyer. You need to make the buyer arrive and see your home as their home. The buyer wants to see a home that looks perfect for them, their things and their family.

You want to win the game and sell your home. There will be other houses (lots of them!) that your potential buyers go to see. Your competition might have done all of these things. Then they look back at your home and scratch it right off their list. Your home has to be the “prettiest girl at the dance.”

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