Why Buyer’s Choose US


Today I would like to discuss why buyer’s choose us, and come to us for help in finding their new Las Cruces, NM home.
What is unique about our services.


You don’t come to us to find a home; you have probably already searched the internet and have found many homes that appear to be what you are looking for.
Your goal is to be sure you are buying the RIGHT HOME, 

  • the one that best meets your wants and needs
  • and you are getting that home at the best possible price and term

Your Second problem is that you want to make sure that you select the RIGHT REALTOR to guide you and make sure you reach your goals.

 You want a realtor that can be your trusted advisor with the knowledge, experience and proven track record of not just buying homes  but is also recommended by clients for having provided Premier Service for home buyers.

You are not alone. Almost every home buyer has these same concerns.  
There are realtors everywhere and your problem is how to find the right REALTOR.
You know that if you don’t, make the right decision
finding your new home will be a stressful process,
and worse than that you might end up buying a home that is really not right for you and paying more than you should.

Here are the benefits you will receive when you select The Bruder Real Estate Team to find your dream home.
You know that you need to hire the BEST REALTOR and we are the BEST.  
We invite comparison. What you find is that with The Bruder Real Estate Team you are getting the benefit of knowledge and experience and a 40 year history and track record of thousands of homes bought and sold.

As important as the number of homes we sell is the customer service we provide.
We are most proud of the fact that our clients say that they have had a home buying experience that FAR EXCEDED THEIR EXPECTATIONS.  
It is our unique combination of services that make us the best.
When you hire The Bruder Real Estate Team you get agent that works for, and is loyal to YOU ALONE.
You will have a personal guide, a trusted advisor who works side by side with you throughout all the steps in the home buying and financing process.  

Our only job is to make sure you reach your goal. We will spend time with you, and be in constant communication.

Together we will search to find just the right home for you
and then we will vigorously negotiate on your behalf to buy that home at the best possible price and terms.  
You can count on us to diligently manage the transaction and stand alongside you until you settle into your new home.

Now that we have looked at the steps along the path to Home Ownership, you can see that there is not only a lot to do, but also a lot to learn about how to do it. The last thing you want is to make a mistake that will cost you unnecessary time, money, hassle and disappointment.  We strongly urge you to get our Detailed Step by Step Guide. It is just a click away.

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Why Buyer's Choose US
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