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Home Selling Tips & Tricks

Stay ahead of the game with current real estate information and tips that will save you time and money!

  • Quick Fixes To Sell Your Home Faster
      • Flooring – Replace worn or stained carpet. Always choose a neutral color. Replace chipped or cracked tiles and clean or replace the grout.
      • Paint Ceilings and Walls – Buyers look at ceilings for leaks. Make sure they don’t see grease, smoke or cracks!
      • Kitchen Improvements – Beat up or old cabinets could kill your sale. Low to mid-range kitchen remodels return the most money. Granite counter make a great impression! Fix that leaky faucet!
      • Bathrooms – The national average of recouped cost is over %100 for bathrooms!
      • Roof & Exterior – Another big selling point. If it needs to be fixed…DO IT.
      • Patch cement
      • Resurface asphalt
      • Plant flowers
      • Caulk windows
      • Replace knobs and locks
      • Paint & repair fences

  • When to get a home inspection
      • Having an inspection done before you list the home is a good idea because it allows you to identify and repair any issues, which might jump out at a prospective buyer.
      • A typical inspection will run between $200 and $400 for a three or four bedroom home.
      • Because most buyers will have an inspection done anyway, you place yourself ahead of the competition by volunteering the inspection and results.
      • Recent statistics show that for every $1 of identified repairs, the buyer is likely to ask for double that in a price reduction.

  • Beat The Sluggish marke
      • Use the secrets of staging experts, or hire one.
      • Find out what’s wrong with the house and get it fixed.
      • Come up with a comprehensive home-selling strategy.
      • Offer incentives that put money in the buyer’s pocket.
      • Make the house move-in ready. Throw in the furniture, flat-screen TV, washer/dryer, appliances, backyard Jacuzzi AND the kitchen sink.

  • Some Home Improvement Facts…
      • Not all remodels are good. Keep the buyer’s interest in mind, not your own.
      • Do it yourself. You may be convinced that you can do it just as well as a contractor, but news flash! You can’t.
      • Pools add value. In many areas, a pool is a big liability and a pain to maintain. A swimming pool can easily turn into a money pit.
      • Follow the latest design trends. Trends fade and must be updated. Neutral color and design are the safest bet!

  • Is it Real Property or Personal Property?

What goes with the home and what stays? The general rules is: “If it is attached to the structure or to the ground, it stays with the house.”

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