Why Home Buyers choose us as their Agent

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Do you want to know Why Home Buyers choose us as their Agent?

We understand your concerns! That is why!

    1. You want to be sure home buyers are buying the RIGHT HOME!
    2. You need to be absolutely sure the home you buy meets your wants and needs.
    3. This is a big investment and you want to buy your dream home at the best possible price and terms.

Your most important decision is to select the RIGHT REALTOR to be your Trusted Adviser, your Guide through the complex Home Buying Process, and the one who will make sure you reach your goals.

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Why year after year so many Las Cruces Home Buyers choose us as their Agent”

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You know that you need to hire the best REALTOR.
We are the BEST!!

We invite comparison.
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Why Home Buyers choose us as their Agent? 

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This unique and unmatched combination of services
is a major reason Why Home Buyers choose us as their Agent.

We Will Be Your Buyer’s Agent

This category of representation by The Bruder Real Estate Team is different from all other types of REALTOR representation. The Buyer’s Agent is responsible to be your personal representative, working exclusively for you, and has only your best interest in mind throughout the entire real estate  process.

  • What is a Buyer’s Agent?
  • Why is having a Buyer’s Agent the best way to buy your new home?
  • How to select a Buyer’s Agent.
  • The Bruder Real Estate Team’s Buyer’s Agent is the reason Why Home Buyers choose us as their Agent

You owe it to yourself to visit our Buyer Agent page to learn more:

We will Assist You with Home Financing

To learn all you need to know about this essential part of the home buying process and download our e-book “The Step By Step Guide To Home Financing” Visit our Home Financing Page  

We provide: 

  • The guidance to navigate through the Financing Process.
  • Assistance in selecting the best home financing for your situation.
  • We will help you negotiate the best rates and terms for your home loan.

Together We Will Find Exactly The Right Home For You.

This is a critical step. Here is where a close working relationship between the Buyers and their Agent makes all the difference. The right REALTOR provides you with all the tools and processes to insure you end up with the RIGHT house at the RIGHT PRICE and TERMS.

      • First and foremost the Agent Our Home Hunter Worksheet will refine Your search by defining your wants and needs.
      • As an internet savvy Buyer, you will find that our VIP Advanced Access to the Las Cruces MLS Database will enhance your independent search for you dream home.
      • Our specialized computer software will  immediately notify you via email keeping you ahead of other buyers.
      • Be assured that we will spend time with you, be available at any time, and be in constant communication with you.
      • We will visit all the homes you want to see until we find exactly the right one.

We Will Prepare The Offer to Purchase, And Negotiate A Final Contract

      • Once you have found the home you want to buy, we will prepare an Offer to Purchase that represents the most favorable price and terms for you.
      • This is where our knowledge of the market, our experience as expert negotiators, and our relationship as Your Buyer’s Agent will benefit you the most.

We Will Facilitate & Coordinate The Tansaction- Contract to Closing

We will make sure that all the requirements of the Contract to Purchase are not only completed, but are done in the specified time frame.

      • All the inspection reports, specified repairs.
      • The Appraisal. The Survey.
      • All contingencies removed
      • The financing process has been completed.
      • The walk thru inspection
      • All the paperwork is coordinated with the title company and lender.
      • Finally Closing scheduled and all parties notified and present

Now that we have looked at all of these steps that You and The Bruder Real Estate Team need to take along the path to Home Ownership, you can see Why Home Buyers choose us as their Agent.

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