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offer negotiation buying your home BANNER

  1. Once you have found the home you want to buy, we will prepare an Offer to Purchase that represents the most favorable price and terms for you. This is where our knowledge of the market, our experience, and our relationship as Your Buyer’s Agent will benefit you the most.
    • Many buyers think that the price that they offer is the most important consideration. It is certainly one of the first things to consider. We have the market expertise to advise you about how much is a fair market value to offer.
    • But, there are many other important questions to answer. The terms or additional details that go into the offer may save or cost you a significant amount of money.
    • What things you want included with the sale?
      Which contingencies to the offer do you need to protect you?
      What inspections and repairs do you want included?
    • These are just the beginning of the items that are included in the purchase contract. There are a number of costs which are incurred between contract and closing. How the contract is written will determine which closing costs you will pay for, and which the seller will pay.

  2. The importance of having an experienced, knowledgeable Buyers Agent is not only to prepare a favorable Offer to Purchase…You can rely on us to be a
    Skilled Negotiator.
  3. We will work vigorously FOR YOU by negotiating with the seller, and the seller’s agent, to get you a Final Contract of Sale with the lowest possible price, and also the best terms possible.
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