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Things TO DO to get your home sold!

You want to get your home sold, but it’s a tough and competitive market. You want your Home to be the one that will sell! After the price, the most important factor is Staging. Staging is positioning your home to be at the top of...

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Why Home Buyers choose us as their Agent

Do you want to know Why Home Buyers choose us as their Agent? We understand your concerns! That is why! You want to be sure home buyers are buying the RIGHT HOME! You need to be absolutely sure the home you buy meets your wants and nee...

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Staging Your Home to Sell

Why should you spend the the time, effort and money to be Staging Your Home To Sell? An Introduction to Staging The answer is simple Staging your home to sell is positioning your home to be at the top of the buyer’s wish list. Properl...

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8- Step Home Seller Listing Plan

his is our 8- Step Home Seller Listing Plan This makes it possible for the Bruder Real Estate Team will sell your Las Cruces Home for the highest possible Current Fair Market Price, with the Best Terms that can be negotiated, in the most Exp...

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Home Selling Tips & Tricks

Stay ahead of the game with current real estate information and tips that will save you time and money! Quick Fixes To Sell Your Home Faster Flooring – Replace worn or stained carpet. Always choose a neutral color. Rep...

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Avoid Foreclosure Glossary

A Abandonment The situation in which a homeowner leaves a house with no intention to return. Accrued Items of Expense Those incurred expenses that are not yet payable. The seller’s accrued expenses are credited to the purchaser in the...

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Avoid Foreclosure Frequently Asked Questions

It is understandable to have questions when coping with a new and challenging situation, especially when a home is at stake. The reality is that millions of homeowners across the country are finding out that they have more questions than answer...

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Home Financing FAQs

What do lenders generally focus on when you apply for a loan? Lenders look most closely at the “three Cs”-cash, credit, and collateral. Cash means you have enough money for a downpayment and closing costs. Good credit means you have borr...

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Home Buying FAQs

What is an adjustable-rate mortgage? An adjustable rate mortgage, or ARM, offers a lower initial interest rate than most fixed rate loans. However, that rate resets periodically, usually in relation to an index. When the rate changes, the mo...

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Glossary of Real Estate Terms

A Adjustable Rate Mortgage: (ARM): A home loan that can adjust the interest based upon market rates after the set fixed period on the note has expired. Generally an ARM will carry a lower interest rate than a fixed rate mortgage but is cons...

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